Sandersons Drive Day Experience 


Sandersons Drive Day
On September 7, 60 loyal Sandersons customers experienced a half day driver experience course at Sydney Motorsport Park.
A team of professional Driving Instructors guided groups through a series of dynamic handling excercises that have been specifically developed to test the driver and show the technology and handling capabilities of the Mercedes-Benz range.
Drivers tested their reflexes during simulated emergency situations providing the necessary experience to improve the driving skills of even the most proficient driver.
Course Content 
* Driver briefing by Peter Hackett
* Correct seating position & mirror setup
* Understanding Mercedes-Benz technology
* Understanding Mercedes-Benz vehicle capabilities
* Recognising risks
* Avoiding dangers
* Handling critical driving situations
* Emergency breaking practice
* Brake & avoid techniques
* Recognising loss of control (skid pan)
* Recognising stopping distances relevant to driving conditions
 * Experiencing how different sized vehicles respond 
If you would be interested in attending our next drive day, please contact Natalie Grech on 02 8354 5200 or